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West Perth District Football Development Council

The West Perth District Football Development Council (WPDFDC) exists to grow, develop and promote football throughout the West Perth Football District.

Our focus now more than ever, will be on delivering community benefit through football to the communities within the West Perth District. This is expressed in our vision:

To provide a positive experience, unmatched by any other sport, that generates significant community benefits.

Our core business is about the management of football within our local district; promoting and developing the game; managing the competitions, overseeing the clubs, expanding and developing our relationships with schools and community groups and optimising the facilities.

The West Perth DFDC has worked hard over the last three years to grow the brand of the West Perth Football District in our local community. As we move forward the links with key stakeholders including our schools, local governments (City of Joondalup and City of Wanneroo), the West Perth Football Club and increasingly so, agencies such as the Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre, Edmund Rice Centre and West Coast Institute of Technology become increasingly important.

Our population is unique with more than 41% of our population being migrants (not born in Australia) and more than 33% of our population made up of UK migrants. Developing football into ‘new markets’ must remain a major priority into the future as the suburbs within our district boundaries continue to expand.

As we continue to develop football we will apply best practice, use technology and critically assess our programs and activities that will help drive our goals. As we grow the strength of our 9 junior and 6 senior clubs must also grow. We will drive and deliver the substantial growth and community benefit through football in our local community.

The West Perth District Football Development Council guides the direction of the District, which is expressed in the following strategic goals for which we will measure ourselves on:

  • Provide community benefit by building strong, cohesive and active communities.
  • Secure and acquire the resources and capabilities required to continually improve our delivery of services to the community.
  • Deliver positive experiences to all participants and fans of the game.
  • Enhance our reputation as one of the leading service providers in football, delivering positive experiences and significant community benefits unmatched by any other sport in the Northern Suburbs.
  • Achieve significant growth in participation, volunteers and fan involvement.



Respect: We respect people by recognising and accepting their input; honest communication; achievements; efforts and contributions aimed at delivering the most positive constructive outcomes for football.

Passion: We are proud to work and volunteer in the football industry; passionately believe it contributes to the community.

Professionalism: We value hard work and innovative thinking aimed at achieving quality outcomes for the game, members and for the public.

Team: We value working together as a cohesive, inclusive team that supports each other in accomplishing our goals.



Our people;

  • We care for, support and develop our people
  • We are one united team committed to delivering our agreed objectives
  • Together we celebrate our successes and achievements

Leading our industry;

  • We respect our history as we shape our future
  • We work in partnership to ensure football is successful
  • We aim to set the standards

Our relationships;

  • We build trust through our behaviors and communication
  • We build relationships that are sustainable and enduring
  • We deeply value the players, volunteers, stakeholders and fans of our game

Being our very best;

  • We strive to give our very best everyday
  • We are recognised as an organisation that gets things done
  • We bring passion, perseverance and a positive attitude to everything that we do



Previously known as the West Perth Junior Football Council between 1950’s – 1970’s, the North Suburban Junior Football League in the 1980’s when the West Perth Football Club was allocated the entire Shire of Wanneroo (now City of Joondalup and City of Wanneroo).

West Perth Football Club relocated to Joondalup in the mid 90’s and resulted in the majority of West Perth’s traditional clubs being realigned to the West Perth Football Club.

The West Perth District Football Development Council (WPDFDC) was established in November 2003, after the dissolution of the former Regional Development Committees and regional based junior football competitions. The districts were formed in conjunction with the 2004 WA Football Commission zoning review, aligning districts with traditional and new football clubs. The WPDFDC was established to provide strategic direction and simplify the alignment of community football (senior and junior) to its aligned WAFL club. The district model is now providing clear pathways for administrators, players, volunteers and spectators to participate within.



The West Perth District is located in Perth’s Northern Suburbs encompassing much of the Cities of Joondalup and Wanneroo. The City of Joondalup is home to four junior and three senior clubs. The City of Wanneroo is home to five junior and three senior clubs.

District Boundaries

Western Boundary: Indian Ocean Coastline from Hepburn Avenue to the northern boundary of the City of Wanneroo.

Northern Boundary: From the coast along the Wanneroo - Gingin boundary to the Shire of Chittering boundary.

Eastern Boundary: South along the common boundary of the Shires of Wanneroo/ Chittering and Wanneroo/ Swan to the South East corner of the locality of Jandabup.

Southern Boundary: West from the juncture of the locality boundaries of Jandabup and Gnangara following the Northern boundary of Gnangara to its intersection with Ocean Reef Rd. Continue East along Ocean Reef Rd to the locality boundary of Pearsall at the intersection of Lenore Rd. Follow the boundary of the localities of Pearsall and Hocking until the intersection of Wanneroo Rd and Ocean Reef Rd. Continue South along Wanneroo Rd to Whitford Avenue, then West along Whitford Avenue to the Mitchell Freeway. South along the Mitchell Freeway to Hepburn Avenue. Continue West along Hepburn Avenue to the coast.