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Djinda Falcons Program

Tuesday, November 19, 2019 - 11:48 AM

The Djinda Falcons program aims to build a connection to the community's youth that are identified within the at-risk category and offer culturally approriate and holistic services that builds strong role models and cultural leaders for future generations. The West Perth Football District supports the Djinda Falcons program and offers a football based program where Aboriginal boys and girls aged 7-17 can join in on fun and inclusive sessions. The program also includes seminar talks from Aboriginal mentors, cultural awareness, dietary requirements, life skills and being part of a team with a strong focus on pride, self-respect and being leaders among the community.

The Djinda Falcons program will build towards both the Kirby Bentley (girls) and Nicky Winmar (boys) Cup carnivals to select teams. 

Kirby Bentley Cup, Saturday 29th February 

Nicky Winmar Cup, Sunday 1st March

AFL football sessions are held on friday afternoons from 4-6pm with rotating venues. For more info, please contact the District's Development Officer, Andrew O'Brien on 0422480487 or

Yarning sessions are held at Heathridge Park clubrooms,  tuesday 10am - 1pm until December 10th 2019.